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Ruben Amaro Working on Joe Blanton Trade

According to Jerry Crasnick, the shiftiest man in baseball and GM of the Philadelphia Rotations, Ruben Amaro, is looking to move his 5th starter, Joe Blanton. After getting Cliff Lee for what appears to be 5-6 years for over $100 million, Blanton is now very expendable. It’s hard to imagine what teams would be really interested in helping the Phillies unload some of their salary, which has ballooned to Yankees/Red Sox levels in recent years, after the biggest coup of the offseason, but if anyone can do it, it’s Amaro.

Seriously, in less than three years, Amaro has acquired Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, Roy Oswalt, and Cliff Lee again. And that’s only in the rotation. Has anyone ever had more control of the pursestrings of the Phillies ownership than Amaro? He is hell-bent on winning another World Series, and right now, it looks like the Phillies are on pace to do that. Vance Worley is in line to take the 5th starter’s job if Blanton does, in fact, get traded.

But where’s Zack Greinke in all of this?