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Cliff Lee To Phillies Reactions From Around The Country

The Phillies pulled off the coup of the offseason last night by signing Cliff Lee and forming the best rotation in baseball. Understandably there's been a lot of reaction around the country. Joy in Philly, bittnerness & shock in NY, sadness in Texas... Let's take a look.

Cliff Lee's decision to sign with the Phillies hurts more than LeBron James - ESPN New York
In the naked city, Cliff Lee hurts more than LeBron James hurt, and here is the simple reason: The New York Knicks never truly believed James would sign with them; they just couldn't admit it for public consumption.

Rangers GM Jon Daniels | News
"People rag on players for following that last dollar. Cliff didn't do that. I have a lot of respect for him."

Cliff Lee Shuns Rangers, Shocks Yankees and Signs With Phillies - Dallas Sports - Sportatorium
It's one thing for the Eagles to beat the Cowboys Sunday night, but the Phillies beating the Rangers on Monday night? Especially when no one even knew Philadelphia was really in the game?

Morning Coffee! Cliff Lee To ... Philadelphia - Around the Empire - SB Nation New York
Obviously, it seems he never really wanted the Yankees. Lee took a five-year, $120 million deal to go to Philly, less than the Yankees and Rangers had offered. It is still more money than Lee will ever spend, but I do have to give him credit. He did something free agents don't do often enough, in my opinion. He left money on the table to go and play in the place where he really wanted to be. I can't be upset with him for that.

Think Of The Poor Met Fans! | TYU
-As depressed as you might be right now as a Yankee fan, think about rooting for the team across town. The Mets plan on doing nothing this off season, and already project to be at the bottom of their division. Now the best team in their division just got MUCH better. The Met rebuilding plan should target 2015 as the next year they have a realistic shot at winning the division.

There's Always 2012 Applesauce - Cliff Lee signs with Philadelphia - Amazin' Avenue
Short of resurrecting Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, and Ted Williams, nothing the Mets could possibly have done yesterday would have matched what the Heat Phillies managed to do. With one of history's greatest starting rotations, the Phillies have spared Met fans the pain of having their hopes crushed at some point in the season and have issued the death blow with plenty of time for us to prepare