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Full Details Of Phillies Contract With Cliff Lee

The full details of Cliff Lee’s deal with the Phillies are out. At a minimum Lee’s deal is for 5 years and $120 million. He has a vesting option in the contract that could extend it to six years, $135 million. The deal also includes a partial no trade clause. Any guesses as to who might be on that list? learned the details of the vesting option.

The 2016 option kicks in if Lee throws at least 200 innings in 2015, or if he throws at least 400 innings between 2014-2015. If he reaches those innings he makes his full $135 million or the Phillies have an option to buy him out for $12.5 mil.

As Jeff Sullivan points out, Lee has thrown for over 200 innings five times in his career. He’s also thrown for 667 innings over the last three years. The guy is a horse and he goes deep in to games. So barring an injury down the road, it’s not unlikely that he’ll reach that vesting option.