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Jimmy Rollins Reacts To Cliff Lee Returning To Phillies

Jimmy Rollins was a guest on ESPN radio to talk about the Phillies' recent acquisition of Cliff Lee. He said he found out about the signing from his mother, who texted him the news. At that point he made his wife pause "The Young & The Restless" which she had DVR'd, so he could put on ESPN to find out for sure. The next thing he did was text Phillies GM Reuben Amaro

"I said ‘wow.’ I picked up my phone, I texted (Phillies GM) Ruben (Amaro) and I said ‘you’re sneaky."

Jimmy then talked about his memories of Lee's first stint in Philadelphia

"He just came in and he had the right attitude right away. He was the type of player who had grown in the minor leagues, a guy who goes out there, puts in the work, works hard, and makes no excuses. That’s what you got from Cliff Lee from the day he showed up. No one really knew what to expect. We played against him in the interleague but that was it and he showed up, he got on the mound, and he pitched. If he did good, he spoke. If he did bad, he spoke. Then he went about his business the next day."

Now that everyone is crowning the Phillies before the season even starts, Rollins was asked how they'll handle the hype?

"I think last year was a great lesson for us. We had a big three. Cole, Roy, and little Roy when he came over, and we didn’t go home with the ring. Although we know that we have four great pitchers now, it means nothing without a ring. You get a ring then you can talk about the year that was. We’ve been there before with a lot of expectations, but if you don’t bring home that championship it’s just a lot of talk."

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