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Phillies Deal With Dennys Reyes Falls Through

Remember about a week ago when the Phillies reached a deal with lefty reliever Dennys Reyes? Turns out, the deal is off. His agent told ESPN "We just hit a snag.’’

Whether that snag was that the Phillies gave all their money to Cliff Lee, he didn’t say… The deal had reportedly been for one year and $1.1 million. The book on Reyes was that he could get lefties out, kept the ball in the park, but walked too many guys. Also, he looks like the late Big Pun.

So for those scoring at home, the net of this week is Cliff Lee in and Dennys Reyes out. Funny enough, when it first reported that all the Phillies came away from the winter meetings with was Reyes, Ruben Amaro hinted that the team had been trying to make something big happen but couldn’t finish the deals.

“We’ve done some things where we tried to shoot for the moon,” Amaro said. “We laid some groundwork on some of those. But the possibilities of that happening are remote. We’ve run under the mantra of, ‘If you’re not trying, you’re not trying.”

You’d have to assume that some of the groundwork he was referring to was the Cliff Lee deal.