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MLB Free Agency Rumors: Red Sox Met With Jayson Werth Wednesday

After meeting with Carl Crawford on Tuesday, the Boston Red Sox brass has reportedly met with Jayson Werth yesterday in an airport hotel in Chicago according to Although Crawford appears to still be their top target, Gordon Edes argues that Werth may be a better option for Boston.

At 31, Werth is two years older than Crawford and presumably could be signed for a shorter term, although Boras may have different ideas. Werth has some interest in returning to Philadelphia, but the Red Sox made it clear Wednesday they would have great interest in signing him.

The years on Werth’s contract could very well be the deciding factor. The Phillies would likely be in a position to be competitive with teams like the Red Sox or Angels in terms of dollars for Werth, but they aren’t likely to commit to a deal in the realm of five years.