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MLB Free Agency: Phillies Re-Sign J.C. Romero

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According to CSNPhilly’s Leslie Guidel, the Phils have hooked up once again with J.C. Romero. Contract details have yet to be released, but since the Phils just declined his $4.5 million option, you would think it would be for significantly less than that and about a year, maybe with another option. Update: Matt Gelb tweets it's for $1.1 million.

After the Dennys Reyes signing fell through, Ruben Amaro was rumored to be in the market again for a left-handed reliever. Not satisfied with the prospect of going into the 2011 season with Antonio Bastardo as the only lefty in the pen, it was speculated that he was looking at guys like Will Ohman and Ron Mahay to fill the void. A few days ago, Romero was floated as a possibility.

J.C. still has very good stuff when he’s healthy and can harness it. His control has been especially poor the past two injury-filled seasons, where he’s walked 42 in 53.1 innings. His strikeout numbers going down and his home runs allowed going up are also indicative of his dwindling career. Somehow though, his ERA was still a respectable 3.68 and should help Bastardo ease into the job of being a dependable LOOGY.