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MLB Winter Meetings: Phillies Rumored To Be Closing In On Jeff Francoeur

With Jayson Werth officially gone, the Phillies are stepping up their efforts to add a right handed bat to the outfield. The general consensus seems to be that the organization is looking for a platoon partner for top prospect Domonic Brown. The name that keeps popping up is former Brave/Met/Ranger Jeff Francoeur.

Jayson Stark is reporting that Royals and Phillies are "picking up the pace" on the right handed outfielder. He says Francouer would have to weigh playing versus winning in that deal. He’ll start for the Royals but be on a terrible team. He’ll platoon in Philly, but have a chance to be in the postseason. Another attraction for Francoeur could be the chance to work with Charlie Manuel, who the player has reportedly said he admires. Apparently the admiration might be mutual because Cholly has reportedly been asking people he knows in the Braves organization about Frenchy and has told people that he thinks he can "fix" the getting on base challenged player.

Our pals over at the Good Phight hate the idea of platooning Domonic Brown to keep him away from left handed pitching.