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MLB Winter Meetings, Phillies Rumors: Please Recommence Your Cliff Lee Speculation Now

Cliff Lee is like that crazy hot girl at a pool party with a busty (but not too busty!) bikini that everybody keeps staring at while they sip their wine coolers and ignore their girlfriends. Only this girl has 5 plus pitches, wicked command of the strike zone and two straight World Series appearances. GM’s from everywhere are salivating over the possibility of adding the lefty to their respective rotations: Yankees, Red Sox, Phillies, Rangers, newly deep-pocketed Nationals, and I’ve heard even General Motors (that GM) is considering signing him as their chief advertising executive. Twittered Jon Heyman:

#phillies are considering bringing back lee. Would be crazy rotation. But they won’t outbid #yankees, the favorite.

The miniscule chance that Ruben Amaro shoves millions of dollars under Lee’s nose to sign for the Phillies is, uh, miniscule. After the Roy Halladay swap that left Lee a Mariner, Clifton claimed that his time with the Phillies was the most fun he’s ever had playing baseball. Now that’s cool and all, but the idea that he’d take a ridiculous pay cut to avoid the evil empire and Sawks Nation just to be back in the ‘iladelph is pretty far-fetched. After all, I’m sure Jayson Werth had a terrific time winning a World Series and not sleeping with Chase Utley’s wife, and he’s now a National.

I’d give it 48 hours before Cliff puts on Yankee pinstripes and all we have to cheer us up is Jeff Francoeur. What a world, what a world…