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Philadelphia Phillies Announce Huge New HD Scoreboard For Citizens Bank Park

The Phillies announced today that they will install a new $10 million HD scoreboard that will be the largest in the National League. Measuring 76 x 97 feet, it's nearly triple the size of the old scoreboard. Speaking of that old scoreboard, it will be moved to Clearwater and will be installed at the Phillies spring training field.

The scoreboard is actually just the most notable part of a larger partnership the team has entered into with Sony. The deal also involves upgrading all the video and replay equipment for the coaches and replay officials as well as replacing and upgrading all 800 TVs around the park to HD.


Considering Ruben Amaro said the team no financial flexibility after the Cliff Lee deal they must have had to scrounge up the $10 million for this upgrade from the couch cushions or something... Seriously though, it's an exciting investment on the part of the team that is sure to enhance the fan experience at the Bank for years to come.