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Domonic Brown, Ben Francisco & John Mayberry Will Compete For Phillies RF Spot

Philadelphia Phillies GM Scott Proefrock was a guest on Fox Sports radio today and said that spring training will see an open competition between Domonic Brown, Ben Francisco and John Mayberry Jr. for the Phillies right field spot, which was vacated by the departure of Jayson Werth.


The hope of most Phillies fans is that this open competition yields a starter, rather than the team settling on a Francisco/Brown platoon. Our own Michael Levin wrote on this subject this very week and argued strongly against the idea of a platoon. In fact, if Franciso platoons with anyone he argues that it should be Raul Ibanez.

Proefrock also claimed that the Phillies need for a right handed bat will come from within and not from a trade of Joe Blanton or Kyle Kendrick.  He says the team doesn't have to move either pitcher... of course, there's a difference "don't have to" and "won't."