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Mike Sweeney Is Trending In Philadelphia, Let's Hug To Celebrate

In case you missed it, former Phillies first baseman and noted hugger Mike Sweeney said this week that he'd be interested in returning for a 17th major leauge season if the right offer came along.

"If there’s a team that has a chance to win," Sweeney says, adding that his agent has had conversations with three teams, "and they offer me an opportunity to be a part of that, then I’m definitely going to consider it."

That little quote set off a bit of firestorm on twitter, as Phillies fans took to the social media site to campaign for the return of Sweeney, who became a fan favorite last year thanks to his famous clubhouse hugs. After the jump we have some our favorite Sweeney hug tweets.

The Phillies should just sign Mike Sweeney as their DH: Designated Hugger.less than a minute ago via Facebook


If we re-sign Mike Sweeney, everyone's getting a #SweeneyManHugless than a minute ago via web

Dear Ruben, Mike Sweeney would sign w/ the Phils for 2 cheesesteaks, a free pass to the Franklin Institute, and a big hug. Get it done.less than a minute ago via web

Re-sign Mike Sweeney already. I want to continue the hugs in the clubhouse :)less than a minute ago via web

Yes, Mike Sweeney is trending. I feel like I need to hug someone.less than a minute ago via web