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Justin Bieber Earns Jimmy Rollins A Platinum Record

The time All Star, three time Gold Glover, NL MVP and World Champion... Jimmy Rollins has filled his trophy case over his baseball career, but this week he got a big honor of a different kind. A platinum record. As part of his "Jimmy Rollins Entertainment Group Venture" J-Roll invested in the publishing rights of a song that featured Justin Bieber and Sean Kingston. The song, "Eenie Meenie" became a hit, selling over a million units and earning Rollins a platinum record in the process.

Rollins told students at Temple's Fox School Of Business that his venture into the music business is part of a plan for his post baseball career.


"I'm done with baseball in 5, 10 years, what am I then? A former baseball player," Rollins said. "It's being a Gemini. I do love the spotlight, when it's something I'm supposed to be involved with . . . Hopefully, you grow and grow and become a power player. Have an artist. Have more than one artist. Get that one person who can put you on the map. I'll feel like that artist is a part of me."


Jimmy owns publishing rights of a Snoop Dogg song and signed a young artist named Chanel Nicole.