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Grandaughter Of Phillies' Dallas Green Among Those Killed In Arizona Shooting

The shocking killings in Arizona have hit home. The news has been reporting all day that a 9 year old girl was among those killed in the senseless shooting spree in Arizona directed at congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. It's been discovered now that the girl was the grandaughter of former Phillies manager Dallas Green.


The girl, who was actually born on September 11, 2001 had gone to the local supermarket with a neighbor in hopes of meeting the congresswoman. The neighbor was also shot, but survived. Her father, John Green, is currently a scout for the LA Dodgers.


This is the kind of news that's heartbreaking and maddening all at once. Our hearts go out to the Green family, it's impossible to even comprehend how they must be dealing with this. I only wish it was baseball season so we could organize some sort of en masse showing of support and pay our respects to the family. Either way, everyone in Philadelphia and around the country sympathizes with them today.