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Phillies Get a Run, Trail 3-1 After Four.

The Phillies scored in the bottom of the fourth inning, bringing the game to 3-1

With one out, Chase Utley ripped a line drive off the top of the right field fall for a double. Hunter Pence then struck out, and Kyle Lohse pitched around Ryan Howard before putting him on first with a four pitch walk.

Up came Shane Victorino with runners on first and second. With two strikes, Shane popped up foul down the left field line, but David Freese dropped it. After fouling another pitch off, Victorino ground one in the hole at short, scoring Chase Utley.

Lohse has now thrown 45 pitches through four innings, and the Phillies will send Polanco, Ruiz, and Halladay to the plate in the bottom of the fifth.