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Phillies Will Only Offer Ryan Madson Three Years, According To Report

The Philadelphia Phillies would like to re-sign closer Ryan Madson, but the team is unwilling to offer Madson a contract longer than three years, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

If the Phillies do not re-sign Madson, expect the team to acquire another closer this offseason.

"I don't feel comfortable with the guys we have internally," Phillies GM Ruben Amaro said. "If Ryan does not sign, we might have to go outside the organization. There are some people in our system who think [Justin] De Fratus or [Phillippe] Aumont can do that. I am not convinced of that yet." 

The Phillies did not intend to use Madson as a closer last season, but he assumed the role after injuries to Brad Lidge and Jose Contreras. Madson finished the season with 32 saves in 34 opportunities and a 2.37 ERA in 60.2 innings pitched.

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