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MLB Free Agent Rumors: Is Philadelphia Phillies Pitcher Ryan Madson An Angels' Target?

The Philadelphia Phillies were once reportedly close to re-signing pitcher Ryan Madson to a $44-million deal. That deal still has not happened. Madson may have a new suitor in the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (via L.A. Times). There is no indication in that Scott Boras, Madson's agent, has been formally contacted by the Angels.

Madson is a Type A free agent. The salary arbitration deadline for such free agents is midnight on Wednesday, Nov. 23. Via, if the Phillies offer Madson arbitration "the Phillies will still receive a first-round draft pick and a compensatory pick for Madson provided they offer him salary arbitration." If Madson went to the Angels, the Phillies would pick right before the Angels, the 18th spot overall.

Madson has pitched for the Phillies since his MLB career began in 2003. He was a crucial was part of the World Series winning Phillies team in 2008, appearing in 11 games. In 2011, Madson recorded 32 saves in 62 appearances. Madson's ERA was 2.37. He threw 61 strikeouts in 60.2 innings.