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MLB Free Agency: Ryan Madson, Jimmy Rollins, Raul Ibanez Offered Arbitration By Phillies

Today is the deadline for MLB teams to offer salary arbitration to their Type A and B free agents. Teams had until Midnight tonight to offer arbitration, but the Phillies have reportedly already offered salary arbitration pitcher Ryan Madson, Jimmy Rollins and Raul Ibanez (via CSN Philly). Just yesterday we heard that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are interested in Madson, although there was no certainty that the team had contacted his agent.

If Madson decides to sign with the Angels or any other team, the Phillies will now get high supplementary draft picks (first-or second-round). If Rollins, who is an elite free agent, signs with another team, the Phillies will get a first-or second-round draft pick from the team which signs him. Ibanez's lower free agent status would only bring in a pick for the Phillies between the first and second rounds of the draft if Ibanez signs to another team.

Players are given until Dec. 7 to accept or reject the offer of arbitration. If a player accepts arbitration, his status will be that of a signed player for 2012.

The team did not offer arbitration to pitchers Roy Oswalt or Brad Lidge.

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