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MLB Free Agency: Phillies Reportedly Offered Billy Wagner Before Signing Jonathan Papelbon

The Philadelphia Phillies signed former Boston Red Sox closer Jonathan Papelbon earlier in November. However, the Phillies reportedly (via New York Post) made an offer to entice Billy Wagner out of retirement before the signing of Papelbon. In fact, the Phillies contacted Wagner after the 2011 season ended. Wagner, who is now 40 years old and last pitched (and well) for the Atlanta Braves in 2010, declined.

Wagner, a seven-time All-Star, could have provided Philadelphia with some bang for their buck. In his last season in MLB, Wagner went 7-2 and had a 1.43 ERA and 37 saves for the Braves in 71 appearances. Wagner's career began in Houston in 1995 where he remained until joining the Phillies in 2004-2005. Wagner then went to the New York Mets from 2006-2009, Boston Red Sox (also in 2009), before finishing in Atlanta in 2010.

Wagner said this about a possible return to the majors: "No, I'm done. I've got a major role on a JV baseball team. I'm JV baseball coach." Wagner coaches at the Miller School of Albemarle in Charlottesville, Va.

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