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MLB Free Agency: Phillies Chasing Michael Cuddyer

The Phillies are reportedly "in serious pursuit" of Twins All Star right fielder Michael Cuddyer.

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Jim Salisbury is reporting that the Phillies are "in serious pursuit" of Twins right fielder Michael Cuddyer. Not only would Cuddyer add another potent righty bat to the lineup, he can also play multiple positions including first, third and both corner outfield spots. In all likelihood, he would be the everyday first baseman until Ryan Howard returns from injury (if indeed he misses time).

ESPN's Buster Olney says that Cuddyer would be a perfect fit in Philadelphia.

It should go without saying that Cuddyer would fit in seamlessly in their clubhouse. Cuddyer will have to ask himself, too, after watching old friend Nick Punto win a championship with the Cardinals, about which team gives him the best chance to win -- and playing in Philadelphia would probably deliver him into October, given the Phillies' pitching.

Cuddyer would fit well with almost any team. He'd be perfect for the Phillies.

Our own Dan Klausner was a bit skeptical of Cuddyer in his Phillies hot stove preview

Cuddyer is a popular suggestion, but he's going to surely command more per season than the $10.5 million he made in 2011 and is below average defensively. On the plus side, he can also fill in at first base -- second and third, too, if absolutely necessary -- and crushes left-handed pitching (.311/.403/.589 in 151 at bats this past season; .300/.389/.569 in 496 at bats since the beginning of 2008). While Cuddyer's a solid offensive player who'd likely see a bump in his power numbers if he switches to the NL, I wouldn't be willing to give him a long-term, big money deal.