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MLB Free Agency: Scott Boras Responds To Report That Phillies Are 'Working Hard' To Re-Sign Ryan Madson

Relief pitcher Ryan Madson has been coming in late in the game all year long, but now it’s Philadelphia’s turn to try and close this one out.

Reports surfaced earlier today indicating that the Phillies were "working hard" and making a "strong push" towards re-signing the 31-year-old Long Beach native.

This comes on the heels of comments by general manager Ruben Amaro, who "would not characterize his negotiations" while also talking to Boston ace Jonathan Papelbon and San Diego righty Heath Bell.

On Monday night, Madson’s agent, Scott Boras, told that both sides were still "exchanging proposals," suggesting that a deal was far from imminent.

Madson finished the 2011 season at 4-2, holding a 2.37 ERA with 32 saves and 62 strikeouts. In 4.1 innings of postseason play, "Mad Dog" gave up one earned run and struck out six.

His 2011 salary was $4,833,333.

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