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Phillies Rumors: Charlie Manuel Confident In Jimmy Rollins Return

Speaking to reports at the winter meetings in Dallas, Philadelphia Phillies manager Charlie Manuel expressed confidence that the team would be able to re-sign short stop Jimmy Rollins. Manuel says he's spoken with the former MVP and while he wouldn't reveal the details of their conversation, he did say there's a "big chance" than Jimmy would be back in red next season.

"I think that Jimmy, there's a big chance that Jimmy is going to be back with us," said Manuel. "I feel that way, and I think it's going to get done. I think our organization, when I listen to people upstairs and my general manager, and they‑‑ I think right now that's definitely our A plan"

If Rollins is "plan A" is there a plan "b?"

"I think that any time in baseball, like when a situation is like it is there, I think that you always think about what happens if this happens and that happens. You try to cover the bases or something like that. But at the same time, if I'm a betting guy, I'll say that we keep Jimmy, that Jimmy is going to be with us."

In the end, Manuel thinks that Jimmy's time with the organization will be enough to get him back.

"I think he's been in our organization a long time. I think he's definitely a part of everything that we've did in the past, and I think that he's a Philly. I think that he wants to remain a Philly. I think it's just a matter of some‑‑ there's still some time, and there's still some thinking, and you're probably looking. It's kind of a‑‑ Jimmy can be a spur of the moment guy sometimes. You know, he'll wake up one morning and say, hey, I'm staying a Philly. That's kind of who he is."

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