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Spring Training Phillies Vs. Yankees: So It Begins

Fittingly, the first televised Spring Training game started with Bartolo Colon getting Pete Orr to ground out.


Well, after Jimmy Rollins took a late scratch, Orr got the call to begin the Phillies 2011 World Series campaign. Ryan Gload knocked a base hit up the middle but was stranded after Raul Ibanez inside-outed a fly ball to left and Ryan Howard’s drive was caught at the wall by Brett Gardner.

On the flip side, Cole Hamels induced a slow grounder from Derek Jeter before striking out the thoroughly unlikeable Nick Swisher. He hit Mark Teixeira on the foot for good measure, then Alex Rodriguez hit a shot to deep center that fell into Ben Francisco’s glove just short of the wall. End of inning.

Man it’s great to see baseball again.