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Philadelphia Phillies Aces Grace Sports Illustrated Cover

Sports Illustrated has released its 2011 MLB preview and the Phillies rotation(even Joe Blanton!) is on the cover with the caption "How the Phillies legion of arms will dominate." Despite that, the magazine has predicted the Boston Red Sox to beat the San Francisco Giants in the 2011 World Series.

They've got the Phillies finishing with the NL's best record at 93-69 winning the NL East over the Braves by four games. They've got the Giants coming out of the West and Reds winning the central with the Rockies as the Wildcard. That basically means they're predicting just one change from last year... They've also predicted the same NLCS with the same result as last year.


Their predictions for the AL are a little more interesting with a surprise prediction of the Oakland A's winning the AL West. They've got the Twins taking the central, Boston taking the East with the Yankees as the wildcard.