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Phillies Release Luis Castillo

The Phillies brought in veteran 2B Luis Castillo on a non-guaranteed minor league contract. It was essentially a seven game tryout. Evidently he didn’t show them enough over that time to keep him around. According to Jim Salisbury the deal they agreed with Castillo was that it was all or nothing proposition. Either he’d make the team or get his full release.

Castillo hit .273 with 4 walks and 2 strikeouts in seven games for the Phillies this spring. Charlie Manuel had this to say.

“Basically, we had a short time in Spring Training to watch [Castillo],” Phillies manager Charlie Manuel said. "We have a couple of guys that were there the whole way that we really like.

“He’s in good shape. Last night, he played a pretty good game. As far as the way our team lines up and the fact that Valdez played such a big role on our team last year and can play multiple positions. … Martinez has been very intriguing in Spring Training, and we have options. And we are planning on getting Utley back.”

This all but guarantees that Wilson Valdez will be the opening day second baseman while one of either Delwyn Young or Pete Orr will make the 25 man roster as his backup.