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Pete Orr Grabs Phillies Final Roster Spot

In the wake of Luis Castillo’s release and given Chase Utley’s injury, the Phillies needed another middle infielder on their roster. As it turns out, that man is 31 year old career minor leaguer Pete Orr. His ability to also play third base is apparently what might have pushed him above Delywn Young, who was also in contention for the last spot on the 25 man roster.

How about some Pete Orr fun facts? He’s played for three of the five NL East teams (Braves, Nationals & Phillies). He’s Canadian and is actually a cousin of Flyers’ defenseman Nick Boynton. It’s almost too perfect that the one non hockey playing Canadian athlete in town is related to a pro hockey player.

In addition to Orr, rule 5 guys Michael Martinez made the roster also as a extra infielder. He’ll likely just be around for defensive purposes since he’s not useful with the bat…

David Herndon got the final bullpen spot over Mike Stutes, who sent to Lehigh Valley.