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Phillies Vs. Astros: Halladay and Myers Cruising Through Three

Fans were hopeful that Roy Halladay would open the season with a no-hitter, but Brett Myers of all people was the one to break it up with a flare off the end of the bat that fell just between Jimmy Rollins and Wilson Valdez up the middle. Even though it would’ve been spectacular to rack up a few more goose eggs, it’s fitting that Myers was the one to do the damage, after the few big at-bats he’s had for the Phillies in the past.

Halladay almost paid him back with an infield hit up the middle that would have put runners at the corners with one out, but Bob Davidson called him out. This drew Charlie Manuel out of the dugout for the first time this year, where they had a few words before Chuck jogged back in with the crowd cheering his efforts. The replay showed that he was, in fact, safe, but the umpire ruled differently and Brett Myers left the third inning with the Phillies still scoreless.

Roy has five strikeouts in three innings, but Myers has been matching him with zeroes. Time for the Phillies bats to settle down and give him some run support.