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Phillies Vs. Astros: Michael Bourn Stretches the Astros Lead to 4-0

With Roy Halladay out of the game after six, Charlie Manuel turned to his bullpen in the 7th inning. J.C. Romero came on to face lefty Brett Wallace, looked ugly, gave up a base hit then was promptly pulled from the game.

David Herndon got the call next in hopes of inducing a ground ball double play. Unfortunately, Humberto Quintero’s flare dropped in and put two on for Brett Myers to bunt them over. Ryan Howard had a chance to get Wallace at third, but couldn’t grip the ball and settled for an out. Michael Bourn came up and ripped a middle-in fastball to right center, scoring two and ending up at third with a triple. After a sacrifice fly from Sanchez scored Bourn, the Phillies are looking at a 4-0 deficit without any confidence in their lineup to generate some offense.

Myers remains in the game to face the 2-3-4 hitters in the Phils lineup. Not the way Opening Day was supposed to go.

4-0 Astros.