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Halladay Dealing As Phillies Up 3-0 Over Nationals After After Six

Roy Halladay has thrown six innings of two hit, shutout ball as the Phillies lead the Washington Nationals 3-0 after six innings. Halladay has struck out five, including Jayson Werth twice.

Ben Francisco drove in Jimmy Rollins in the fourth for the first run of the game. Placido Polanco has two hits and a walk on the night including an RBI single in the fifth. The Phils’ other run came when Nationals pitcher John Lannan hit Ryan Howard with the bases loaded.

It’s been a night to forget so far for Nat’s shortstop Ian Desmond, whose two errors in the fourth are what helped the Phillies score their first run.

Nationals starter Lannan is out of the game after six innings of decent work. He allowed six hits and walked three, but was only charged with two earned runs. It’s 3-0 Phillies as we head to the bottom of the seventh.