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X-Rays Negative On Ryan Howard's Wrist

Ryan Howard was hit on the wrist by a pitch from Nationals starter John Lannan in the fifth inning of last night’s game. Getting hit actually gave Howard what would turn out to be the game winning RBI since the bases were loaded, but he later felt some soreness and ended up having it wrapped as he left the park later. He had x-rays after the game, but the good news is that they came back negative.

As The Good Phight points out, Lannan has hit an inordinate number of Phillies. In fact, he was the guy who broke Chase Utley’s hand a couple years ago. Tonight was the third time he’s hit Howard. In fact of the 21 career batters he’s hit, 8 have been Phillies.

Obviously he wasn’t throwing at Howard tonight with the bases loaded, down 2-0… but it would seem like more than a coincidence that he’s hit so many Phils…