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Shane Victorino Leaves Game with Calf Injury

For a fan base that’s still recovering from a lost 2010 season for Jimmy Rollins for a calf injury, news that Shane Victorino is out with the same pain is hardly well-received. As tons of Phillies reporters tweeted, Shane was pulled at his spot in the 5th inning for John Mayberry. The inning before, he knocked into Ben Francisco in the outfield.

If Shane goes down for any extended period of time, that’s some really bad news for this team. Mayberry would probably move to right field with Francisco taking over center field duties, which would immediately make this a below-average defensive outfield. There are few options at AAA including former Colorado Rockies OF Cory Sullivan and Spring Training just-miss Delwyn Young. It’s a tricky situation for a speed guy to deal with calf problems. Hopefully Shane rests up and can recover quickly.

In game news, the Phillies lead is trimmed to 7-3 after Carlos Lee hit a 2-run homer. He’s responsible for all three Astros runs off Cliff Lee tonight.