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Phillies Vs Rockies: Joe Blanton Scratched, Kyle Kendrick Makes Emergency Start

[Update by JasonB, 05/19/11 7:48 PM EDT ] Joe Blanton was scratched due to elbow soreness

Joe Blanton was scheduled to make the start tonight against the Rockies, but at the last moment he was scratched and Kyle Kendrick was called on to make the emergency start. No reason has yet been given, however there’s some speculation that it could have to do with weather. Rain is expected during the game tonight, which could force a rain delay. In that case, the starter will usually be forced from the game. So there’s a chance the Phils could be starting Kendrick in anticipation of a rain delay with an eye toward bringing in Blanton after the delay.

That is just speculation however and there’s just as good a chance that it’s related to the sore elbow Blanton has been dealing with the past few weeks.

For the Rockies, Todd Helton was scratched with back soreness and will be replaced by Jason Giambi. Giambi is hitting an absolutely awful .115 this season.