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Phillies Shut Out By Rangers 2-0

The script for the Phillies today was the same it has been for a month. Great starting pitching and little to no offense. The Phils only scored five runs over the first two games, but Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay held the Rangers to only two total runs. Roy Oswalt basically matched those performances today with a seven inning, one run effort, but it wasn't enough as the Phillies offense failed to show up again.

Despite the fact that the Rangers sent a very pedestrian pitcher to the mound, Matt Harrison, with his 4.27 ERA and 30/23 K/BB ratio, the Phillies still couldn't muster a run. Harrison gave up only five hits over 8 1/3 innings of work. Of course, Harrison isn't the first ordinary pitcher that the Phillies' dreadful offense has made look good over the past month.

Help could be on the way however, as Chase Utley has returned to Philadelphia. He hasn't been added to the Phillies roster, but that appears to be something that will happen very soon.