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Jimmy Rollins Injury: Rollins Leaves Game After Foul Of Foot

Jimmy Rollins has been pulled from tonight's game after fouling a ball off his right leg in the first at bat of the first inning. The Phillies' short stop was in obvious pain and labored around the bases after hitting a double. He did remain in the game for the next inning and a half and actually looked ok in the field.

However, in the top of the third, Wilson Valdez came out to replace Rollins at short.

The official word is that Rollins left with a "contusion to his right patella," more commonly known as a bruise to his kneecap.

It was somewhat odd to see Rollins even stay in the game after the initial injury. He was in obvious pain after the foul, however he did manage to hit a double later in the at bat. That said, he was limping badly on the bases. Of course, when he came out in the field the next inning and even ran down a ball, it seemed like he was shaking it off.

Obviously though, the trainers and Jimmy must have come to a decision to pull him in the third. The injury comes only a night after the Phillies finally had their full projected starting lineup back together. However, if it is just a bruise as the Phillies say, J-Roll shouldn't miss much, if any time.