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2011 MLB Draft: Keith Law Reviews Phillies Day Two Picks

ESPN's MLB draft expert Keith Law weighed in on the Phillies haul on the second day of the 2011 MLB draft.

Roman Quinn (2) is an undersized infielder and plus runner who doesn't project to stay at short and needs to get stronger so his bat will play. Harold Martinez (3) has twice had the misfortune to play great a year before he's draft-eligible and struggle in his platform year; he looked slow when I saw him this spring but has played great in the past with bat speed, some power and at least an average glove at third. Tyler Greene (11) is their best tough-sign pick and would be farther over slot than I can remember them going in any recent draft.

The Phillies concluded the third round of the MLB draft today with a couple nepotism picks, including GM Ruben Amaro's cousin Andrew Amaro, and with their final pick, Kolya Stephenson, who is the son of the Phillies' long-time employee "Video Dan" Stephenson.

Apparently these late rounds picks are just for fun and charity as the Texas Rangers picked a young guy who is paralyzed.