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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies Leading The Race For Carlos Beltran

SI’s John Heyman is reporting that the Phillies and Red Sox are currently the “leaders” in the race to capture Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran before the July 31st MLB trade deadline. Beltran is having a resurgent season and would certainly add the kind of major right handed outfield bat the Phillies are looking for. The question is, at what price?

The Mets are reportedly offering to pay most, if not all of the $7 million left on Beltran’s deal in an attempt to bring the best prospects possible in return. According to Heyman, the Mets have their eyes set on Domonic Brown.

“While most of Philly’s better prospects are pitchers, two people with knowledge of the talks said the Mets’ first target with Philly would be top outfield prospect Domonic Brown. That may seem at first blush like a big asking price, but the Phillies are probably the World Series favorite and are clearly going for it this year, they need to get more righthanded (Beltran is a switch hitter while Brown is a lefty), Beltran is the best hitter on the market and they can fit him onto their team without paying a cent.”

Heyman later doubted that the Phillies would give up Brown, saying they would be more likely to surrender some of their young pitching. That makes more sense as giving up the organization’s major leauge ready, top prospect to a rival for a half season rental at the same position would be… just terrible.

Of course, surrendering the organizations top young arms for a rental when you’ve already got the best team in baseball is a questionable move as well… As our pals over at the Good Phight point out, what is there really to be fixed on this team? Where is the need for a move like this?

The record, which is the best in baseball (and has been for what seems like forever)? The run differential, which is the best in the NL and third-best in baseball? The runs allowed, which is the best in baseball by a lot? The runs scored, which is seventh best in the NL and is behind teams that aren’t threats at all?

So yes, Carlos Beltran does make this Phillies team better right now… But how much better do they need to be?