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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies Discussing Trade For Melky Cabrera

Along with discussing Carlos Beltran with the Mets, the Phillies seem to have a contingency plan in case that deal falls through--Royals' Melky Cabrera. As of right now, Cabrera is hitting .294/.331/.456 with the Royals. He's only 26-years-old so he may not be a rental like Carlos Beltran would undoubtedly be. 

Matt Poullot at HardballTalk points out that the Royals may have good reason to move Cabrera:

The Royals need to clear room for Lorenzo Cain, a product of the Zack Greinke deal currently hitting .319/.385/.525 at Triple-A Omaha.

If Cabrera were to come to the Phillies, he would most likely be in a backup role. Is he a good fit for that role, though?

Cabrera, though, isn’t particularly well suited for such a role.  He’s not a stellar center fielder, and while he’s a switch-hitter, he’s been considerably weaker against left-handed pitching in his career (.684 OPS, compared to .735 against righties).

The Phillies are also rumored to have high interest in Hunter Pence and Leo Nunez, but as of right now there is no big developments.