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MLB Trade Rumors: Mets Want Phillies' Domonic Brown For Carlos Beltran

According to SI’s John Heyman, the Mets asking price for Carlos Beltran could be prohibitively high. He says that they’ve asked for top prospect Domonic Brown or top prospect Brandon Belt from the San Francisco Giants.

However, one AL GM said this week that the Mets asking price for Beltran is too high, considering he’s nothing more than a two month rental.

An American League team official said that the Mets’ asking price – the likes of Domonic Brown from the Phillies or Brandon Belt from the Giants – is high considering it is a true two-month rental with no arbitration offer allowed and no draft picks in return if he leaves as a free agent in the winter.

It really would not seem to make much sense from a Phillies perspective to give up their best young player, who is an outfielder, for an older outfielder who will likely be gone for nothing in two months. Even worse, they would give the Mets a cheap Domonic Brown for the next five years.

It just doesn’t seem worth it on any level. Plus, it is likely that the price could come down in the next week. The New York Daily News said yesterday that “there remains virtually no doubt that the Mets will trade Beltran next week.”

The Mets are arguably more desperate to trade Beltran than any of the contenders are to get him and that could surely bring the price down as the deadline draws near.