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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies Won't Part With Top Prospects For Carlos Beltran

Yesterday, we noted that the Mets are asking for top prospects from teams interested in all star Carlos Beltran. However, the Mets aren’t in a great position to do so given that Beltran is a true two-month rental whose contract expires at the end of the season and can walk without even draft pick compensation.

So, it should come as no surprise that the Phillies, who are among the teams interested in Beltran, have refused to surrender either of their two top prospects. According to Sports Illustrated’s John Heyman, the Phillies have told the Mets that OF Domonic Brown and RHP Jarred Cosart are off limits.

Brown was rated as the top prospect in all of baseball last year (also he's .321 this month) and Cosart is the teams’ top pitching prospect. It’s good to hear the Phils would rebuff any request for those two for Beltran because as we’ve noted time and time again… there’s just no need. The Phillies hold the best record in baseball. Since Chase Utley returned to their lineup, the team has been scoring as many runs per game as any team in the league.

There’s just no need to sell out the future of the club to a help a present that doesn’t need it.