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MLB Trade Rumors: Phillies Making Progress On Hunter Pence Trade

Ken Rosenthal is reporting this evening that the Phillies and Astros have made progress on a trade that would bring righty outfielder Hunter Pence to Philadelphia. According to Rosenthal, the package would include Class A right-hander Jarred Cosart and Class A first baseman Jonathan Singleton. There could be another prospect or two added to the deal as well, but Domonic Brown will apparently not be part of the trade. Rosenthal says that Astros would prefer younger prospects.

Much of the resistance to the idea of a trade for Pence among Phillies fans and writers has been to the idea that Brown would be involved in the deal. If he's not part of it, the trade could be more palatable. Singleton is a good power prospect, but is blocked at first base by Ryan Howard. Once Howard signed his big deal and Singleton failed to work in the outfield, he was basically relegated to trade bait. Giving us Cosart however, the organization's top pitching prospect, would be a big price to pay.

The Braves are also in discussions for Pence, but are reportedly putting even more restrictions on the trade than the Phillies. Rosenthal also say that the Astros have put a deadline on the deal for the Phils and Braves. If a deal does not get done today, they will apparently move on to other possible suitors or just hold on to Pence and try to deal him again in the offseason.