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Shane Victorino Voted Into MLB All Star Game

Shane Victorino was on the ballot for MLB All Star game's "Final Vote" to determine the last man to make the all star rosters. With 9.2 million votes, Shane had more more support than any player in either league. Paul Konerko won the AL ballot with just over 8 million votes.

The Phillies had "partnered" with the Detroit Lions to get get both Shane Victorino and Victor Martinez voted into the midsummer classic. They called the campaign "Victor/Victorino."


Obviously Phillies fans turned out for the hometown guy, but didn't bother much with Victor Martinez. This is Victorino's second all star game, with other being when he won this same vote in 2009. He beat out Dodgers' Andre Ethier, the Rockies' Todd Helton, the Nationals' Michael Morse and the Diamondbacks' Ian Kennedy this year.


Shane had a little help from a certain WYSP listener who won a contest by voting for him 10,189 times in a half and hour.