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Phillie Phanatic Invades The Diamondbacks Broadcast Booth

Apparently the Phanatic enjoys giving Mark Grace a hard time when the D'Backs are in town, so the Arizona announce team wasn't shocked when the Phanatic invaded their broadcast booth in the third inning of last night's game.  After the jump, check out his visit in pictures, which ended with him being thrown out after John Mayberry hit his 2-run homer off the foul pole.

After a little back and forth, the Phanatic decided to rip the headphones off Mark Grace, push him to the side and sit in his chair to do some announcing of his own. Of course, he doesn't speak so...


He eventually threw the headphones off and started waving to the people below. Although I got a kick out of the bewildered production in the bottom right who is clearly thinking "umm, I think you just totally broke those headphones OMG!!"


Then of course he flashed the crowd...


Gave the play by play man a kiss and left.