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Hurricane Irene Forces Phillies To Move Sunday Game To Saturday

Yes, Roy and Cliff pitching on the same day...

With hurricane Irene expected to pound the Northeast with wind and rain on Sunday, the Phillies have decided to move Sunday's game against the Florida Marlins to Saturday at 1:05. If you have tickets for the Sunday game, they will be honored at the ballpark for the early game of a day night-doubleheader. The regularly scheduled 7:05 game slated for Saturday night will go on as scheduled.

The team was going to be giving away a Cliff Lee gym bag in Sunday and that will now happen during the early Saturday game. Funny enough, Lee will not pitch that game as Roy Halladay takes the hill in the early matchup and Cliff Lee goes at night. So that means the Marlins get to face both Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee in the same day. Should be a fun day for Phils fans, probably not so much for the Marlins.

Also, imagine how weird it will be for the Marlins to a see a stadium get filled twice in one day? I'm sure you all saw this shot of their day game against the Reds in which an estimated 347 people showed up.


Saturday's games will be one of three doubleheaders the Marlins play in six days, mostly thanks to Hurricane Irene. They played two yesterday in anticipation of their scheduled game today with the Reds being rained out. They'll play two in Philly on Saturday as Irene follows them up the coast and then they're scheduled to play two on Monday in Flushing, as part of a makeup for an earlier rainout against the Mets.