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Hurricane Irene Causes Philadelphia Phillies To Postpone Tonight's Game

Hurricane Irene had already forced the Phillies to move Sunday’s game to today at 1:05 as part of a day night doubleheader. However, as the forecast has continued to get worse, the Phillies have now decided to postpone tonight’s game to September 15th. The game scheduled for today at 1:05, which was originally the game supposed to be played tomorrow, will go on as scheduled.

So to recap. Tomorrows game will be played today at 1:05 and tonight’s game will be moved to September 15th at a time still be determined.

“Given the deteriorating forecast for Saturday night’s game, as well as the evening shutdown of public transportation and the concern about conditions our fans might face leaving our game late Saturday night, the decision was made to postpone the 7:05 p.m. game,” senior vice president of administration and operations Mike Stiles said in a statement.

This means that Roy Halladay will pitch this afternoon, Cole Hamels will come off the DL and pitch Monday at the Reds, while Cliff Lee, who was originally supposed to pitch Sunday and then tonight… will be pushed back until Tuesday.

“I prefer to throw every five days, no doubt about it,” said Lee, who will be pitching on eight days’ rest. “But when you got this many quality pitchers that we got, it’s hard to skip someone and screw up everyone else’s routine to keep me on a regular day. That’s not gonna happen.”