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Chase Utley Injury: Utley To Undergo Concussion Tests After Hit To The Head

Chase Utley will reportedly miss the next couple days after being hit with a pitch in the back of the head in the sixth inning of tonight’s victory over the Braves. He would stay in the game for another inning after the hit, but was lifted after complaining of headaches. Multiple reporters have said that Utley did not board the team flight to Milwaukee and will miss the next couple days as he undergoes tests for a concussion.

“The way to describe it is that he didn’t really feel 100 percent after getting hit,” Phillies GM Ruben Amaro said after the game. “He felt OK right afterward. Then he started feeling a little fuzzy. And so we took the precaution to get him out of the game.”

“He’s going to be out a couple of days at least,” Amaro added, “we think this is very, very mild, but we are going to be very cautious with him, obviously.”

In the meantime, the Phillies will recall Jimmy Rollins from the DL, but he will reportedly only be used as an emergency infielder for as long as Utley is out.