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Who should the Phillies target at CF?

The Philadelphia Phillies and GM Ruben Amaro are in the market for a new centerfielder, but with four players set to make at least $20 million next season, they might be wary of a high-priced option.


With B.J. Upton and Denard Span off the market, the list of available centerfielders grows thin. The Philadelphia Phillies are still in pursuit of an outfielder, and are open to signing a free agent or trading, but who is left for them?

Tim Riday from gives readers a comprehensive list of potential targets for the Phillies. Here's a sample of his analysis:

Dexter Fowler, Colorado Rockies
If the Phillies can't acquire a centerfielder through free agency, they could look to make a trade this offseason.

Enter Dexter Fowler. He isn't actively being shopped, but the Colorado Rockies have a need for young pitchers. Actually, the Rockies have a need for any sort of pitching.

The Phillies have a collection of young pitchers in the minors -- including Trevor May, Jesse Biddle, Brody Colvin, Jon Pettibone and Adam Morgan -- that could spark some interest.

Fowler finished 2012 with 13 home runs, 53 RBI, 72 runs scored, 12 stolen bases and a .300 batting average. But, the 26-year-old has hit just .248 in his career away from Coors Field.

Click here to read the article and decide for yourself who the best option is.