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Jorge Soler Draws Philadelphia Phillies Interest

A bubble of intrigue and mystery surrounds Cuban defector Jorge Soler, a 19-year old outfielder with major talent at the plate. But one thing looks certain: whenever Soler is deemed eligible to sign with an MLB franchise, the Philadelphia Phillies will show interest.

"Our scouts have seen him and we like him," Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said Thursday. "It may come down to where he wants to play and, of course, the money."

Soler cannot yet sign with any MLB organization because he has yet to be cleared by the Office of Foreign Assets Control, but teams have been contacting the young outfielder and his agents. The Phillies have even taken Soler out to dinner on numerous occasions, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

A report earlier this week stated that Soler was close to signing a $27.5 million deal with the Chicago Cubs, but he can't yet sign, and other teams are still jockeying for inside position. The Yankees are rumored to be heavily involved in the bidding as well.

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