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2012 Phillies Spring Training: Hamels Has Improved Changeup

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher, Cole Hamels, has surgery during the off-season on his left elbow and he says it's helped his changeup.

"I wasn't able to turn it over as much and get the drop or the fade as much as I'm normally accustomed to [last season]," Hamels said. "I was able to get away with it, because of the difference in speed and it still did move where I got a lot more ground balls than swings and misses. I'm just happy it does have the type of moment it does right now, because that's what I'm used to, and I like that feeling."

The 27 year old Hamels is coming off a career year, winning 14 games with an ERA of 2.79 and a K/9 rate of 8.08. The improvement Hamels made last season was his ground ball/fly ball ratio, which was 1.60 – up from his career rate of 1.14.

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