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Phillies Vs. Giants: Manuel Explains Pinch-Hitting Decision

In the 11th inning of a game Wednesday night that the Philadelphia Phillies ultimately lost 1-0, manager Charlie Manuel decided to pinch-hit Jim Thome even after the San Francisco Giants called in lefty Javier Lopez from the bullpen.

The manager was second-guessed after Thome struck out and the Phillies lost, but explained his decision after the game.

"I thought about sending [John] Mayberry up to hit. Thome's 2-for-11 off the guy and he's got three Ks, so that means he puts the ball in play 8 times. If he hits the ball as big and strong as he is we got a chance to score a run," Manuel said. "Also I figured he's definitely going to walk Mayberry. And Juan Pierre, of course, he hits .300 off of lefties, but he's still got to face the side arm lefty. When I pinch hit for Pierre I thought Mayberry was strong and could move the ball better. I thought that was the best chance for us to get a run."

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