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Phillies Vs. Pirates: Jonathan Papelbon's First Save In Philadelphia No Different

How did Jonathan Papelbon react to his first save opportunity with the Philadelphia Phillies?

The same as he would have reacted in Fenway Park with the Boston Red Sox.

"To be honest with you, I felt the same as I felt the past seven seasons in Boston. There was no real difference. I enjoy all my saves just as much," the Phillies' newly-acquired closer told reporters after closing out Philadelphia's 1-0 Opening Day victory against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

"Pressure is something that makes me tick," Papelbon added. "I enjoy those types of games, those close ball games."

Explained manager Charlie Manuel, "It seemed like when he first came in, he popped a couple fastballs and all of a sudden, there at the end, it looked like he started to get more loose. He started letting the ball go a little and, yeah, he's good. He's everything that he's built up to be."

For more on Papelbon's save, click here or watch the video below:

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